The KS2 Choir Festival has local and international partners.

The Nigerian Television Authority popularly known as NTA is Africa’s largest network television and the oldest broadcasting station in Africa with both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting and having over 75 stations. The KS2 Choir Festival show will be broadcasted by NTA stations nationwide weekly and the grand finale will be aired live on NTA network.


Bishop Entertainment Consult, (BEC), is a full fledged mainstream entertainment outfit based in Atlanta, Georgia USA, also a voting body member of recording academy, the parent body and owner of the prestigious Grammy Awards. The organization is involved in shaping and contributing to the development of the entertainment industry and most importantly improving musical experiences for the talents and people they work with.

BEC is one of the fastest growing entertainment and events management companies in Atlanta Georgia USA, with strong affiliation to United Kingdom (UK) and the African communities in the US.

 ONE PERCENT MANAGERS (OPM) is a regional leader organization in providing End to End management consulting services that form the basic building blocks required for implementing the Enterprise Project Management.

ONE PERCENT MANAGERS differentiation is in its focused business model and its specilized Management Consultancy service portfolio that makes ONE PERCENT MANAGERS a unique, credible, unbiased service provider.