The maiden KS2 Choir Festival competition will be held from Monday the 15th to Thursday 18th December  2015 in Lagos / Rivers State.

  1. The categories of KS2 Choir Festival competition are as follows:
  2. Mixed choirs: Adults choirs consisting of at least 20 members.
  3. Male/Female choirs: male or female consisting of at least 20 members.
  4. Children/ Youth choirs: choirs consisting of at least 20 members of age up to 23years old. The singer in this category youth choirs should be born after 1994. This features children’s choir up to 14 years old and the youth choir up to 23 years old.
  5. Chamber choirs: chamber choirs consisting of at least 20 members.
  6. Sacred music: Adult & youth choirs engaged with sacred music.
  7. Folk categories: Adult or youth engaged with folk music.
  8. Jazz & modern music: Adult or youth choirs engaged with jazz or modern music.
  9. Each choir should send via email a scanned copy of its application form filled and accompanied by the required material, due by November 25th Choirs selected for participation will be notified both post/ call and email due by December 1st 2015.
  10. Each choir is allowed to compete in more than one category.
  11. All competition performance in each category shall take place in front of an audience, the order of the choirs’ performance in each category shall be chosen by lot, drawn by a commission appointed by the committee. The choirs, wishing to take part in more than one category shall prepare a different program for each category. The choir breaking these rules will be penalized.
  12. The competition will be held at a concert hall in the presence of the audience.
  13. The total duration of the choir performance on the stage should be: (a) not shorter than 15 minutes. (b) not longer than 25 minutes. The duration only of the performance (net music) shall be counted out and will not include the time necessary for the entering and leaving the stage. 2 point will be withdrawn from the total result of each choir who does not comply with this rule.

Notice: It is acceptable for one of the pieces to be with instrument accompaniment.

  1. The order of the performed songs is up to the conductor’s choice.

Notice: The order of the performed songs should be submitted in advance to the organizing committee but not later than 30 days before the beginning of the competition and is not subject to change.

  1. Choirs competing in more than one category shall not perform the same pieces of free choice.
  2. Each choir may freely choose it intonation.
  3. The competitive performance will be judged by jury noted for its local/ international expertise, that has at least 5 year experience. The performance of each choir will be assessed according to the following criteria:
  4. intonation
  5. textual interpretation
  6. difficulty
  7. rhythm
  8.   conductors skill
  9. dynamics
  10.   diction
  11. Choirs participating in the categories A,B,C &D may freely choose three pieces in accordance with the following criteria:

–  One piece between the 14th and 19th

–  One piece between the 19th and the 21st century

–  One folk song

  1. Choirs participating in the categories E,F,&G may freely choose three pieces closely related to sacred music, folklore music and jazz or modern music, respectively.
  2. The marking process is as follows:
  3. 87-100 point correspond to the 1st prize.
  4. 77-86 points correspond to the 2nd
  5. 67-76 points correspond to the 3rd The artistic jury may also nominate some special awards to high quality choirs with outstanding performance, e.g master conductor, best folk performance, and so on.
  6. All choirs participating inKS2 Choir Festival events will be nominated in the closing ceremony of the choir festival on the 18th of December 2014, in the presence of audience and local authorizes upon their nomination, all the awarded choir will perform a free choice program for up to 15 minutes.
  7. Group work may be performed by all competing choirs during the closing ceremony. Competing choirs are committed to perform a 30 minutes program of free choice, for the purposes of KS2 Choir Festival.
  8. Participating choirs or orchestral will not have any economic benefit from potential CD recordings.
  9. The choir willing to participate in the KS2 Choir Festival / competition should send in a filled-in and signed application form, identical with the one enclosed with these Regulations by 25th November 2015 both by post and email to the following Address:   to get a quick response from us please send us a mail using the form below.