The KS2 Choir Festival is an event that provides a platform for choirs all across Nigeria to compete for the 1st place recognition, prizes, national exposure and a recording contract. KS2 choir festival is a festival designed to promote and present the choir art, talented composers, encourage the performance of group work for Orchestra, soloist, musical direction for a promising 3 hour live DVD and audio recording. The KS2 Choir Festival is an annual competition that culminates in a five-day citywide spectacle that brings together the arts and choir to exhibit creativity and entertainment. It is original and is a large-scale local and international collaboration.

We feel that the Nigerian choral art needs a major boost into the fore front of the world stage, by competing favourably in international choir competitions for exposure, recognition and to promote Nigeria.


– Closing the choir void between Nigeria and the rest of the world

– To open talks with established international record labels

– To create awareness of Nigerian musical talent

– Secure global respect for an overlooked market

– To establish a unique platform where there will be an open avenues for collaborations between Nigeria and the world.